Thursday, July 30, 2009

Eckankore - Mixdown 1

(Mr Phreek at The Smell circa 2000/2001 - Photo by Ackronomicon)

Again, not a lot of time to post lately, but I wanted, at least, to get one more thing up before the month ended.

After Ed left Eckankore, Ron tried collaborating with Kris Andersen and then just doing things on his own, but nothing really clicked. (You can hear those recordings here.)

Finally, he asked me to join and these are our first "rehearsal" sessions together. Apparently, Ron really like what I did and how I was able to follow his lead, and I ended up joining Eckankore for a spell until I moved to NY. We performed several shows at The Smell in Downtown LA with Emerson Balla controlling the visuals. Emerson typically had nine film projectors running at once, and he'd run around the room switching film loops to the noise that Ron and I made. I always had a bottle of Seagrams 7 Whiskey that I'd drink before, during and after our set. Emerson drank some, too, to get in the mood. These performances were quite ear-shattering and I wish I had them documented. Oh well. At least I have the few "rehearsal" tapes that Ron and I made.

The tracks:
(note: there are only two, so they're linked individually)

01. 1/26/01 (Vagueness Visible)

02. 2/9/01

Mixdown 1 CS

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nightmare Mode - Haste

I've really been itching to post something, but time has been scarce, so Nightmare Mode's third release, this digital-only EP seems perfect.

From what I understand, Danny and Nikki up and quit, so Ammo quickly assembled these songs (out-takes?) and uploaded them to the internet. All things considered, it's a pretty damn good EP, with three previously unreleased songs and two killer versions of songs from The Eht.

Ammo has since replaced Danny and Nikki and Nightmare Mode are still in action.

The images and music were uploaded with Ammo's consent. Thank you, Ammo!

Nightmare Mode
Haste MP3
(Nightmare Mode)

Sample track:

Salute to the Dead

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pope Goat VII - Book of the Fucking Piece of Shit

Book of the Fucking Piece of Shit was the Fourth Book of Pope Goat VII, recorded August 15, 1999 entirely live in four takes. Everything was improvised within the span of that hour without any pre-arrangement or overdubs.

This was a "concept album" of sorts centered around our "catch-phrase for the new millenium," i.e., "fucking piece of shit." So, as we recorded, we complained about every little thing that popped into our heads, from Christians to guitar picks, deeming them all "fucking pieces of shit." We even made shitty Jeno's personal pizzas while recording.

This was a true and powerful display of His Holiness Pope Goat VII's power. It was an awesome sight to behold.

(Sir Billy the Phreek circa Summer 1999 - Photo by Sir Ackronomicon)

About the psalms:
(note: psalms that are linked can be downloaded as samples)

01. Chapter I - Intro, band, world, Christians, TV, cops, batteries, blues, singers.

02. Chapter II - Tape, suburbia, houses, food, piano solo, picks, land, action movies, jewelry, commercials.

03. Chapter III - Sharks, Mike, stock market, Elton John, bass solo, pizza, weatherman, alarm clock, golf, dogs, slide, Cher/Sonny Bono/John Denver/JFK Jr.

04. Chapter IV - Wrestling, bands, babies, infomercials, shitty piece of fuck, president, doctors, Grammys, end.

Pope Goat VII
Book of the Fucking Piece of Shit CDR
(MPAE/Hummer Productions)

Download Book of the Fucking Piece of Shit as a .zip file!

note: the .zip file includes booklet and tray-card inserts so you can make your own PG7 CD!

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