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Twitch Party - Live at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go 4/13/97

(Twitch Party's listing in the LA Weekly)

And now for the first in a trilogy of live recordings that I'll be posting this week.

This was Twitch Party's third or fourth show and you can hear a lot of diversity in the songs. We were in the process of assimilating
our many different influences whole, which we eventually fully realized on our demo, but listening back on this recording, I'm pleased with the diversity. At least we were original.

This show is marked by my constantly cracking voice, JC's ever-troubling hit-hat and our general shyness when it came to dealing with the audience. Actually, Aidan does the best job trying to keep people entertained. I hid behind sunglasses and a dog collar and had a hard time talking to the crowd. I was 18 and thus not of legal drinking age, so I was probably pretty sober, maybe a little stoned.

Travis sat in a chair while he played - he thought it was funny.

There's a video of this show, too.

About the songs:
(note: songs that are linked can be downloaded as samples)

01. Intro - Us getting our bearings.

02. Crack - As far as I'm concerned, this was the first Twitch Party song. I wrote the lyrics in my college Intro to Philosophy class and gave then to Aidan. He called me with a riff. When he played it for me over the phone, it sounded good. While practicing at JC's house, I beat on the cow bell while screaming the "I stepped on a crack to break your back" and it stuck. The lyrics were very influenced by San Francisco's Bomb.

03. Sore - This was really Aidan's song and I don't know much about what was behind it. I remember getting really sick of this song after a while, but now it's one of my favorites.

04. Urinal - On my way back to LA from NY, I went into the bathroom and peed next to a guy who was beating off into his urinal while giving me a creepy grin. I wrote lyrics about it and Aidan came up with the music.

05. Stench - This was a silly song. I wrote lyrics about a brutal murder scene and the band came up with something that sounds like L7 on testosterone. I still like it, though.

06. Beautifully Deformed - The music for this one came from one of Aidan's 4-track recordings. It was originally called "The Poop Song" and the lyrics were of the "I want to poop on you, I want to poop on everyone" variety. Aidan asked me to write something else, so I came up with the Bomb-infused sex lyrics.

07. Binding Glory - I wrote this one. I borrowed an atonal chord from Six Finger Satellite and arranged it around S&M lyrics. It came out well, especially after Aidan, Travis and JC added their flourishes.

08. Football Jock - Another song that came from Aidan's 4-track recordings. JC and Travis did an excellent job of recreating the metronomic, robotic beat.

09. Song - One of my songs that we played until we broke up. It was properly recorded for the demo.

10. The Taxidermy of Love - If I remember correctly, the music came from one of Aidan's 4-track recordings and I provided a poem I wrote as lyrics.

11. Grassed - I took the title from the Naked Lunch glossary and wrote a song around it. Aidan came up with the music. I particularly like the Sword of Vermillion-like guitar riff.

12. Halved - Another case of Aidan setting my lyrics to music. Travis insisted that he couldn't play that fast, so he played the note slowly and it ended up sounding really cool. The song kinda reminds me of "Rope" by The Jesus Lizard.

13. Stretched - One of our first songs and one that remained in our set until we broke up. I love this song.

Twitch Party
Live at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go 4/13/97 CS

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