Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pope Goat VII - Book of Extreme Measures

This is the Third Book of Pope Goat VII, and, at this point, Ack and I were comfortable with the roles of Sir Ackronomicon and Sir Billy the Phreek, which His Holiness Pope Goat VII handed down to us. It's a brutal onslaught from beginning to end, with some parts bordering on power-violence (that Sleestak influence coming through). The first song, "Fucking Piece of Shit Bitch," sets the bar, and the book continues down that path.

All music was improvised with vocals improvised later, with the exception of "27 in 1."

These psalms truly were the most extreme measures His Holiness the Pope Goat ever had to take!
About the psalms:

01. Fucking Piece of Shit Bitch - This woman kept calling and asking for "Ira" while we were recording, which, of course, made the Pope Goat very angry. When I insisted for the third time that there was no "Ira" and that she had the wrong number, she got indignant and the Pope Goat waged war. The Pope Goat won.

02. Headshots - Sir Ackronomicon was in the process of making a student film, and he had piles and piles of headshots from wannabe actors looking to get their big break from Dramalogue. We ran around the living room recording studio in my mom's house throwing the headshots in the air and screaming at them. It was a huge mess.

03. Just Dogs - I'm not sure if this was about my dog, Lady Cookie the Wookie (RIP - she's guarding Pope Goat VII at his throne now) or if it's about these asshole dogs next door that always barked at us. I think it was the latter. Fucking piece of shit dogs.
04. Micro Phones - A lot of our equipment was/is budget crap from Radio Shack, and, as to be expected, it breaks. I knew Sir Ackronomicon was a worthy warrrior when I saw the look on his face as he glared maniacly at a broken microphone and screamed, "Look at you, you fucking piece of shit microphone!"
05. Chicken in a Biscuit - Yes, it's about the cracker, but His Holiness Pope Goat VII didn't want to worry about trademark infringement, so we spelled it differently. "I think I'm gonna risk it for chicken in a biscuit!" How about you?

06. 1492 - This evil track is a brutal assualt on American society going all the way back to Christopher Columbus. It's the soundtrack to the Pope Goat destroying 500 years of culture.

07. Auto Erotic Asphyxiation - It was a popular way to die at the time.

08. 27 in 1 - This was the first time we recorded music and vocals together and it was a real turning point in the way the Pope Goat channeled his music and message through us. It was also recorded under the influence of mushrooms. Either later that night or listening to it the next day, Sir Ackronomicon said it sounded like 27 songs in one, hence the name.

09. Doughnuts (Remix) - A dub-style remix of "Doughnuts" from Book of the Headless Goat.

10. Decapitation (Remix) - Another dub-style remix of a track from Book of the Headless Goat. The remix was something we meant to pursue, but the Pope Goat doverted out attention into other areas.

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