Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Eckankore - No Symbols Where None Intended

(My hand-written notes about Eckankore from the page)

Remember when was really cool,
before Lars Ulrich and Metallica spoiled it for the rest of us, and musicians could post their music for sale on CD or free download? Well, back around 2000, Ron K. made an Eckankore page and posted this compilation that documented the noise project from its earliest recordings to its most recent (at the time) sound structures.

(My hand-written notes about the tracks from the page)

According to Ron, I'm the only person who has this material, so it's a pleasure to post it here for posterity. Besides, now charges for its "services."

The images and music were uploaded with Ron K.'s full consent. Thank you, Ron!

No Symbols Where None Intended MP3/CDR

Sample tracks:

Why this need of activity?

The confusion of identities

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  1. It's so surreal hearing tracks that I played on by haven't heard for a decade or so. I really like that KSPC recording- I wanted to put that out on vinyl, but of course never did.

    'Why this of activity?' was the first recording that Ed (E.J) appeared on. He wanted to have a Geiger counter sound on his amp.

    The answer to 'What follows Ll'ermite's Sign?" is multiple sclerosis.

    The sound on 'The Prospect of Our Impotence' was used for the soundtrack of a film by Charles Doran called 'Fluid on canvas'

    Many of the track titles come from Samuel Beckett novels, as does the title of the CD.

    I'm embarrassed by some of the post-E.J. stuff but it's a kick for me to listen to as nostalgia. Fun with Sound Forge!

    -Ron K.