Monday, August 3, 2009

Centuries of Deception - Heic Noenum Pax

I've been immersed in black metal lately, so I thought I'd post some.

I went to high school with Atrox, but I didn't really get to know him until after I'd graduated. Some mutual friends brought me to his house to hang out one night, and Atrox made an immediate impression with his extremely high intelligence, left field philosophies and black metal obsession. Soon I was hanging out at his house all the time and we quickly bonded as friends.

I got a crash course in black metal from Atrox. While I didn't really get a lot of it at the time, Burzum and Mayhem with Dead stuck with me. When I completely immersed myself in black metal over a year ago, I remembered a lot of what he had taught me and I put it to good use.

Unfortunately, we also bonded over drugs and our respective psyches fueled each others' addictions to the point where our friendship completely dissolved.

Fortunately, I've recently reconnected with Atrox and he's the same great guy, minus the chemicals.

The images and music were uploaded with Atrox's consent. Thank you, Atrox!

Centuries of Deception
Heic Noenum Pax CDEP
(Blood, Fire, Death)

Sample track:

...Only War & Hate Survived...


  1. I'll make a comment! This stuff is eerie, disturbed and sounds like it was recorded by a lone freak who locked himself indoors and painted the windows black so no one could see in. I think that it would frighten Cradle of Filth fans.

  2. hello i remember this guy from way back!! i read a few interviews in fanzines and I wrote to him wanting a demo from the Enchanted Sorrow band .. i wonder if theres anyway i can still get it even though its been a lot of years gone by. I use to have centuries of Deception from trading tapes with friends.. anyway i can get a hold of atrox to see whats up with him?

  3. ooops i meant.. if i can get a hold of him i would like to.. thanks.

  4. Glad you found this, Phillip.

    You know, I have the Enchanted Sorrow demo posted here, too. There are no more hard copies left. Atrox doesn't even have any cover art or anything for it.

    I'll let him know you contacted me!

  5. Black metal is very good, great bands are in this gender, thrash metal is also great.

  6. Interesting. Didn't know much about Atrox, just loved Centuries' music once I got used to the weird production / music. Funny about the 'chemicals'... in the early-1990s I became a pothead after being mostly straightedge my whole life, and by the early 2000s after getting back into underground metal like black metal was heavily into percodans and coke and whiskey because (I couldn't smoke inside, especially weed or hash at my new place!)

  7. Hey Chuck E. Cheese, you should post that split we were supposed to release. It would be a shame for people not hear it. We can always record something else in the future and release it.

    PS - Seriously, fuck Facebook. Once you detox from it, it's impossible to ever go back. Email some time, I'll send you my new #.