Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pope Goat VII - The First Tract of Pope Goat VII

As I mentioned before, some fuckhead stole Sir Ackronomicon's computer, so PG7 posts are on hold for the time being. (May His Holiness Pope Goat VII smite said fuckhead with all the chaotic violence of the universe.) The music is safe - it was all recorded on a cassette 4-track - but Ack wants to make fancy inserts for our followers, so I'll wait until he can get that together.

So, here we have a religious pamphlet that I wrote to spread the Word of Goat. It was heavily inspired by writings at The Kook's Museum. I could have sworn that I wrote a second one, but no one seems to believe that but me, so I'm probably wrong. Anyway, here you go. Praise be to Goat!

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  1. Words to live by. ALL HAIL THE GOAT!!!!