Monday, November 30, 2009

Solarfeast - Gossamer

Before The Jack Saints, Mike and Nick were in Solarfeast, a desert rock band that blended stoner rock, spacerock and noise rock into a heavy, psychedelic, unified whole.

"We recorded it and mixed it in 2 days and our singer hadn't finished writing lyrics... We did some cool shows though, played a lot on acid and in front of 16mm projections of space and Egypt educational films (I was on my Hawkwind kick obviously!). 'Rats' and 'Puppy Has Ludes' were my songs (not the lyrics), and 'Exode' was Nick's song. My favorite song though is the C.O.C. cover/hidden track," Mike told me in an email.

I found my copy of the CD in the dollar bin at Aron's Records in Hollywood!

The music and images were uploaded with Mike Desert's full consent. Thank you, Mike!

Gossamer CD
(El Camino)

Sample tracks:

My Cradle, My Grave

Helping Hands


  1. Oh yea, I wrote the music to Bad Mitten Sex Kitten too. Man, it's hard for me to listen to this! haha.
    Not enough bass either...

  2. Oh yeah, I think "Voodoo Spell" was mostly Nick too