Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Repercussions - Modern Sounds

The Repercussions were one of those incestuous garage bands whose members had been in several bands before this one and most of the members had been in those bands together. They played some damn fine rock'n'roll though, and they honored me when they asked me to write the liner notes to their debut full-length. Here's what I wrote (click the image to make it larger):

Unfortunately, whoever transcribed what I wrote left out a line of text, making one section not make too much sense, but whatever, you get the point.

I saw them a few times at the now defunct and sorely missed club, Saints'N'Sinners, and in my vain attempt at getting a job in the A&R Department of Atlantic Records, this was one of the CDs I presented. Hell, they were better than most of the other crap on that label.

Perhaps it was for the best, though, as they broke up shortly after this was released. Now they're in different bands with each other.

That's rock'n'roll!

The images and music were uploaded with the full consent of Jake Elliot Roren, owner of ESCHE Records. Thank you, J-Ro!

The Repercussions
Modern Sounds CD

Sample tracks:

Everything Is Gonna Be Alright

Heather in Pleather

Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads


  1. Chuck, thanks for writing about this album. It was a great time in our lives, and I wish things had worked out better. I would also like to point out that if anyone likes what they hear, I have a shit-ton of physical copies of the CD (and 24-page full color booklet)left. You can email for more info. I also have a semi-functional myspace page at for those interested.


  2. I highly recommend that people get the CD, particularly for the liner notes!