Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Libyan Hit Squad - Fiji

If you've been reading this blog from the beginning and/or you know me personally, then you know how highly I think of Libyan Hit Squad. Not only are they an incredible band, but they're great people as well. I'm proud to have shared the stage with them on the too few occasions that it happened.

Fiji really shows the band progressing in their sound, which I described in this (unedited) review for The Big Takeover #64:
LHS never fail to amaze me. Now that their full-length promo CD has finally found a proper release on vinyl with Ripping Records, it’s like hearing the album all over again. LHS exist in their own musical dimension of Black Flag, Love and The Minutemen. Fiji kicks off with the folk-rocker, “Triggers & Knives,” which could have been recorded by Arthur Lee and company back in the ‘60s. Then you’re immediately thrown into the hardcore melee of the next three songs until side A closes with the syncopated instrumental, “BHS.” Side B gets even more out there with two eerie instrumentals, a folk punk number, a straight-up hardcore thrasher and a weirdo Butthole Surfers-style track. LHS are punk rock at its challenging, unpredictable, original best. There’s something about Florida

They're a great group of guys with great songs and they're one of the five bands around today that I actually give a shit about (others include Six Finger Satellite, The Jack Saints and The Secret Machines). I really can't wait to hear where they go after this cuz I know it will be good.The images and music were uploaded with Craig Englund's full consent. Thank you, Craig! Extra special thanks for the LP art scans and MP3s!
Libyan Hit Squad
Fiji LP

Link removed at the polite request of Ripping Records so...


Sample tracks:

Long Way


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