Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pete-less - Pete-less

Here's a band John, from ULTRABASTARD!, was in over 10 years ago. From what I remember, the band had another name and a proper singer until John was looking at their website one day and he saw something saying that the singer, Pete, had quit to start another band. Apparently, Pete forgot to tell his bandmates. John was playing bass, so out of necessity, he became the vocalist and they changed their name to Pete-less.

Sonically, I think the band is more "grunge" than anything - not like Pearl Jam mind you - but that style of metalized punk that really doesn't have any other name. Between Barbara's heavy guitar chops, Joe's powerful drumming and John's shouted vocals, it has a very late '80s/early '90s Northwestern US sound.

Some words from John:

"It's 33 minutes, 11 songs and aside from the shitty vocals, it still rocks after all these years!! We shoulda been contenders! 'When Illumination Comes' was a 10 minute jam with a lot of good riffs that I whittled down to 2 minutes. Half the songs were about Joe's breakup with his girlfriend including '3 West' which was named after the psych wing he was in because of depression. 'Tired' was a fuck you to everyone who said we were this or that."

The images and music were uploaded with John Ulmer's full consent. Thank you, John!

Pete-less CD

Sample tracks:


When Illumination Comes


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