Thursday, March 18, 2010

Exclusivos - Out of a Promising Start

Well, the response the first time around was pretty enthusiastic, so I'm happy to say that the third official MPAE blog release is this double-disc collection of outtakes, rarities and live recordings by one of the most original bands you've never heard of, The Exclusivos.

Nef says, "It took me nearly six months to culminate but here you go. It's all of our music aside from what's already posted. It's 31 songs, all in chronological order. You pretty much get to hear us evolve from start to finish. The compilation ends with stuff we demoed last year. There are also some surprises at the beginning and end of some of the material. There are Instrumentals on there as well."

Admittedly, most of these recordings are pretty damn rough, but, chances are, if you're coming to this blog you're not an audiophile anyway. If you haven't heard The Exclusivos yet, I highly recommend that you begin with the first release I posted, and then come back here after you're completely hooked.

Now bask in the strangeness.

Out of a Promising Start MP3

Disc 1:
(note: songs that are linked can be downloaded as samples)
01. Madness (Intro)
02. Year 3000
03. Charlie
04. Oh No
05. Summer of Fantasy
06. Fargunstein (Original)
07. Sad Ending (Original)
08. Alcoholism
09. Losing (Original)
10. Make Believe
11. Rocket (Original)
12. Losing (Revisited)
13. Micheal 5 (instrumental)
14. Micheal 6 (instrumental)
15. The Machinist (Original)
16. Forces Unknown (Original)

Disc 2:

(note: songs that are linked can be downloaded as samples)
01. Oh No! (live '05)
02. Rocket (live '05)
03. Fargunstein (live '05)
04. Break Free
05. Ballad of Fred (Original)
06. Hello
07. Faster
08. She Never Liked Me Anyway
09. Rocket (Revisited)
10. Losing (Let The Child Cry Version)
11. Tradition (Demo)
12. Acoustic Demo #1 '08
13. Acoustic Demo #2 '08
14. Demo #1 09
15. Demo #2 09


  1. Go Exclusiveos! Thanks for making all of this great weird stuff available, Chuck.

  2. Thanks for putting this up. Look good.


  3. Nice cover art. Now I can archive what I lost. lol. Thanks for the support.

    -Rafael, bassist

  4. Cover art was made from what I think was the only group photo we ever took. Think the title is appropriate as well. Good work on the compilation, gives me chills listening to it. Thanks Chuck for posting.


  5. Good stuff, thanks to Nef for unearthing more tunes I haven't heard since we played. Thanks Chuck, and I miss all you crazy dudes, I miss our time. I hope everyone is well