Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ultramundane - A Kingdom at Birth

I'm very pleased to announce that Shaadie Khoury, the brain behind Ultramundane, has given me permission to post the entire Ultramundane discography.

I discovered the band while writing my series on Middle Eastern Black Metal for You can read the entries on Ultramundane here and here.

This was their first album. From what I can tell, the band was a side-project of sorts of Egyptian black metal band, Oziris. While there are two very nasty lo-fi black metal tracks on this album, the other five tracks are dark, psychedelic instrumentals, kind of like Mogwai. It was a great start to what would become a great band, although after this, they'd become an electronic darkwave/ambient band with drummer Shaadie Khoury at the helm.

The images and music were uploaded with Shaadie Khoury's full consent. Thank you, Shaadie!

A Kingdom at Birth CD?/MP3

Sample tracks:

Sworn Revenge

Stepped Into Heaven

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