Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Necroparthenophagy - "Laiad Chis Ananael"

My work schedule has been eating up all my time, but I'm taking some time out to celebrate.

Today marks the official release of my black metal album on Winged Disk Records. Oddly enough, out of all the music I've recorded since I was 17, this is the first thing that anyone as wanted to release with their own money. Special thanks to Rich Black at Winged Disk for his continued support and guidance.

For contractual reasons, I won't be posting the entire album here, but I will post the title track, which has become a "single" of sorts in the digital domain.

"Laiad Chis Ananael" MP3
(Winged Disk)

If you like what you hear, please...


  1. Congratulations on a job well done (though the latter sentence has kind of a creepy ring to it)
    Necroparthenophagy is a band that DOES stand out from the pack, what with the unique linguistics and a very inventive user of a drum machine


  2. I see ya got some fancified cover art now that it's an official release. Good deal. Oh and damn you and your single track downloads that automatically play in iTunes after they're downloaded!! Motherfucker!!