Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blackout Shoppers - Used Cars

Here's some more Blackout Shoppers for all you BS fans!

In The Big Takeover #60, I reviewed this and the previous EP, Smash & Grab (which you can download here). Here's what I wrote:

The Blackout Shoppers have been insulting audiences since 2004, and with these two releases, they plant their scum-encrusted boots firmly up the ass of Lower East Side New York City Punk Rock. Vocalist
Seth Amphetamines spews his hatred for humanity with the vengeance of a young Dave Insurgent. Mike Moosehead’s guitar growl recalls the bar chord attack of Negative Approach. While a lot of Hardcore bands simply ape their heroes, the Blackout Shoppers “keep it real” with integrity and a strong passion for what they are doing. In particular, “No Decision” on the two-song “single” shows a strong progression in songwriting with changing tempos and a breakdown reminiscent of Victim In Pain-era Agnostic Front. Fast three chord songs will never die!

Make sure you check out their new full length CD Pass Out!

The images and music were uploaded with Blackout Matt's consent. Thank you, Blackout Matt!

Blackout Shoppers
Used Cars CDR
(Blackout Shoppers)

01. Used Cars

02. No Decision

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