Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Noise Jazz Ensemble - John Lydon

(Mr Phreek circa 1999 - Photo by Ackronomicon)

How about something that's REALLY obnoxious?

By the summer of 1999, free jazz had become a very serious passion. I was enthralled by the loud, noisy, chaotic sounds of Sun Ra, later Coltrane and Peter Brotzmann. My recording equipment was set up for recording any time, so I decided to do my own free jazz album.

I randomly hit buttons on my drum machine, beat on the keys of my Rhodes like a spastic Chick Corea, played crazy Greg Ginn-style solos on my guitar and blew as hard as I could into a trumpet that I never learned how to play. Needless to say, it's really just a bunch of atonal racket. If The Two Felipes made jazz, it would sound like this. Perfect for getting everyone to leave the party after they've overstayed their welcome!

Honestly, though, it's so sloppy and so completely ridiculous that I can't help but find it hilarious. Seriously, I crack up every time I listen to this stuff. Hopefully, you'll download these tracks and laugh along with me.

(Mr Phreek circa 1999 - Photo by Ackronomicon)

About the songs:
(note: it's only two tracks so they're linked individually)

01. What You Are Listening To - The mercifully shorter NJE track. Dig my out-of-breath trumpet solo in the middle!

02. John Lydon - I put on a video of The Sex Pistols live while I recorded this, hence the name. The first 30 seconds actually sound like the beginnings of something, but then it quickly slides into the typical NJE "groove." All four instruments take a solo here.

Noise Jazz Ensemble
John Lydon CS

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