Monday, April 20, 2009

Eckankore - Mereology: The Raw Sessions

Announcing the first "official" release on MPAE online!

Mereology: The Raw Sessions is a two disc compilation of previously unreleased tracks recorded by EJ Nervo and Ron K during the latter half of 1997, when the duo were at their peak.

These soundscapes are as harsh and dissonant as they are cold and distant. All tracks were mastered by Chuck Foster from the original master tapes. Experience some vintage "ice wave" from one of the best unknown LA noise bands in history!

Mereology: The Raw Sessions MP3

Disc 1:
01. 7/97 A
02. 7/97 B
03. 7/97 C
04. 8/16/97
05. 8/30/97


  1. Wow, what a stupendous achievement! I can't wait to listen to this stuff, since it was so long ago it will be like recovered memory for me.
    I have been meaning to do a post about that last Goatfish release (which I love!) but I want to listen to it again so I can write something halfway intelligent about it.
    -Ron K.

  2. Hi Ron,
    I can't wait to hear what you think of these recordings. I think it's top-notch noise.

    Glad you dug the Goatfish stuff. That last one was definitely a "recovered memory" for me, and a pleasant one at that!

  3. Hey Chuck-
    It is so great that I can listen to these recording that I thought were lost.
    Just so you know, the tracks on9/18/97n were recorded live at Charles Doran's old place in the hills near Malibu.

    -Ron K.

  4. I have no idea what that last track is. It could be something that Ed did. Eleven minutes of an answering machine message playing. This is something I can play for myself when I'm 70 and living in a convalescent home- truly a memory to cherish.

  5. As for the first 'hidden' track- that is a conversation that occured between myself and the two other members of Home Audience, Keith and Phillip.

    -Ron K.

  6. Just to make my last comment make a bit more sense, Homne Audience was Ed's main project and Keith constructed hand-built electronic noisemakers and Phillip was Sherman Oaks' answer to Handsome Dick Manitoba.
    Ed did Eckankore with me, which was MY main project. I see Home Audience and Eckankore as representing the Sherman Oaks Noise Scene of the mid-late 90's, ignored by Wire Magazine and rescued from being completey lost in time by Chuck's great blog here...

    -Ron K.

  7. Hi Ron,
    Thanks for the info on the "Untitled Hidden" tracks. I'm glad you're happy with this release and the work I do here.

    Thanks for giving me these tapes!