Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Two Felipes - Beaker Full of Death

Ask, and ye shall receive!

I'm not too sure on my Felipes chronology, but I think this was their third "album." It really shows the band progressing, too. The production is better than previous recordings, the songs are stronger and more experimental (check out the Coltrane/Sanders saxophone duels in "Air Jammer Road Runner" and the "sampling" in "Morning Bloke") and Dan Vebber's lyrics are at their most punk rock. If they had been from anywhere but Milwaukee, this tape would have been noticed, but then I wouldn't be posting it on this blog if anybody knew who they were.

Beaker is also notable for its science fiction themes - precursors to Vebber's work on Futurama - and its tongue-in-cheek politics - staples of Vebber's work on American Dad.

By far, this is the best Two Felipes album!

The images and music were uploaded with Dan Vebber's full consent. Thank you, Dan!

The Two Felipes
Beaker Full of Death CS
(Flaming Cow Productions)

Or try out some sample tracks first:

Air Jammer Road Rammer

Morning Bloke

Door to Door Shoeshines

Star Trek

Life in Hell

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