Sunday, March 1, 2009

Blackout Shoppers - Smash & Grab EP

Hey, it's a new month, so how about something that doesn't have to do with me?

Blackout Shoppers are the new face of NY hardcore. This isn't your typical jocko-homo skinhead thugoid cliche, hell no. BS play their hardcore without chugga-chugga beefcake breakdowns - just short and to the point like hardcore used to be (and should be in my unhumble opinion). There's also a scumbag element that puts them in league with stuff like the early Dwarves albums on Sub Pop, The Jack Saints, ANTiSEEN and The Bodies, which especially tickles my fancy. My girlfriend got me into BS - she said seeing them made her feel filthy. Now, that's my kind of band!

Check out their new full length CD Pass Out!

The images and music were uploaded with Blackout Matt's consent. Thank you, Blackout Matt!

Blackout Shoppers
Smash & Grab CDR
(Blackout Shoppers)

Sample track:

Smash & Grab


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